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Short-term TEFL/TESL jobs:

English Teaching Jobs Overseas

Teaching contracts for less than one year are not difficult to find, though they tend to come and go quickly.  For that reason we have listed here two websites with good search functions for short-term teaching jobs and several schools that have a history of hiring people into positions of six months or less. has a search function for short-term summer jobs - the positions are usually in the UK or China.  The search is built into this link: Summer Jobs has a search function that can typically find a good number of short-term English teaching jobs from Korea to China to Latin America.  The link for the search page is here: Search.  You'll have to scroll down past all the advertisements to get to the search tool.

English Educational Services in Spain offers qualified EU EFL teachers short-term placements.  No website, but reply with a full, up-to-date, standard C.V. by e-mail to Richard Harrison at:

Westgate Corporation in Japan regularly hires EFL teachers on short-term contracts of three to five months and up.  They typically hire native speakers with passports from from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland.  A degree and some prior teaching experience is usually required - depending on the specific position for which you are applying. 

Horizon International Education Center in Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar regularly hires EFL teachers on short-term contracts (five months would be typical).  They tend to prefer female teachers with several years experience.  There website is sometimes non-functioning depending on the political situation.  Try these contacts also:

Many countries have informal English teaching sectors where many teachers work with only a tourist visa.  While technically illegal, you will find literally thousands of such teachers in South and Central America and Thailand.  Investigate such jobs very carefully so you don't find yourself in an immigration jail awaiting deportation.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive - please let us know of programs that should be added.

Please contact us at jobs (at) tefltemp (dot) com if you have jobs you would like to have listed here - or - if you know of good quality volunteer organizations that should be added to the list.


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